Breaking Ups? Alright, But Please Don't Be So Evil Like These Embarrassing Breakup Texts

When a person takes in too much of everything, they may eventually end a relationship. But breaking up has never been this quite embarrassing as these couples did it through just sending text messages which ended up funny. Let's see how they did it.

The Break up Text

You know, you can say harsh words in a subtle way. Like this one.

The Rush Break Up

You never know that the very next text message you get from your partner is that he's already breaking up with you.

The Knock-Knock Game Break Up Line

You can always play games in breaking up.

Is it Break or Brake?

Breaking up should never lead to jumping off a bridge! come on!

The Burned Gifts

You can let your ex know that you are already burning his or her gifts to let him or her know that everything was ended.

How to Dump Your Partner

Dumping may be as simple as asking him or her how you can dump him or her.

Jokes That Lead to Break Up

Jokes, some may be harsh, and some may lead to ending up a relationship.

Are You Breaking Up Seriously?

One is still hanging on the relationship while the other one is already letting go.

The XBox Matters More

Did you ever think that XBox could mean more than your relationship?

The Wrong Tanga

Be careful for images you are sending. you might not know that that is the end of your relationship.