Brainless Girls Exposed on Facebook

Looking at these senseless posts will surely give you a boost at how intelligent you really are.

Defying Nature?

Instead of getting bigger, this puppy shrunk to half its size.

Declaring Abortion

Since when did abortion become a weight loss procedure?

Alaska on the Map

How can anyone be so ignorant of basic facts learned in grade school?

Birthday vs. Day of Birth

Wow, this is really insane.

Cat Identification

Cats are so familair that you obviously know this isn't one.

Capital of America

Do this girls really understand the word 'capital' in the first place?

Wine Opener

Does this girl really know what a wine opener is?

Close or closes?

So you think 'close' is a noun?

Ebola Escape

Does this 'poster' really know what she is talking about?

Stupid Elevator

Is this post for real? Does this 'poster' ever has common sense?

Doing Homework

Where is the homework this girl is doing? What is she doing on the floor?

Halloween on the 13th

Of course, Halloween will never ever fall on the 13th!

Lipstick Color

Now, why hide your lips from the camera?

Is there a New York outside America?

Edible Panties

If it's or can be eaten, how come it is still intact after wearing once?

German Gangnam?

Isn't PSY a South Korean? He's so famous, no one should miss that fact.

Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

So you're saying... you are an idiot?

31 Hours in a Day?

So when did a day lengthen to 31 hours?

Kissing Pup's Belly Button?

This is not it.

Tongue in Mouth

And you call that cute?

Periods of Pregnancy

9 periods - what an excellent answer! You're ready to give birth after missing 9 periods.