Back in the days of when you actually had a Myspace profile (10 Photos)

Remember back in the day when Myspace was a thing? These were most likely the glory days of your first major social media profile. Well, letís take a trip down memory lane to remember why Myspace was once the best thing to hit the internet.

Your first friend, Tom When you joined, you automatically started with one friend, Tom. You immediately knew that Tom was the creator of MySpace. Little did you know, that profile picture wouldn't change for years and that creepy look lived on. Ironically, he even made the switch to Facebook, but made a shit ton of cash along the way.

HTML editing Everyone thought they were some kind of programmer, editing their profiles with HTML code to make their page look way cooler than the rest of their friends. Who needs school when you’ve got programming lessons on MySpace?

Background Websites It was always a battle for who had the coolest profile background. Those Myspace background websites were also a great way to get viruses on your computer. But look how cool the dolphins are..

Moving Profile Pictures Ah yes, the blinking profile pictures. These were really the early days of gifs, only to be preceded by the sparkling 'happy birthday' graphic that your mom would e-mail you on your big day.

Top Friends You got to show the world who your best friends were and throw your new girlfriend in that highly sought after #1 spot. It was the ultimate dis to not have the honor of being featured on at least a few of these top spots.

Online Now Guy This little guy was always there to tell your friends that you were online and ready to start a chat, whether you wanted to talk or not.

Transition to Facebook Then one day, Myspace just wasn't as popular. People's online symbols were gone. Hell, nobody was responding to your "Pic 4 Pic" requests. What a sad day. At that point you knew that you had to make the change.