Amusing Facts You (Most) Probably Haven't Heard Of

All the information was double checked so no fact will be a fake engagement fact.

Hey, Jess! Say thank you to Shakespeare.

It's a blessing to name someone as "Lucky."

Hippos and guinea pigs can be doppelgangers.

Makes sense because a bride must really learn how to cook.

Stop pimple picking from now on.

What's not to love about Johnny Depp?

Now we know that bacteria is the "villain."

Eeew! Here's another reason why you should avoid mosquito bites.

Great news for all those born with blue eyes!

So, who wants blue strawberries at zero degrees?

There's a positive side for being stressed.

This How I Met Your Mother star has an undeniably interesting life.

The music genius has some humor too!

Wow! This is what we call destiny.

Would you have the same guts to talk with the American president?