A few misconceptions about alcohol (12 Photos)

Goldschlager does not contain flakes of gold One of the more bizarre myths is that Goldschlager contains little gold flakes because they cut your throat on the way down causing the alcohol to be absorbed quicker and leading you to get drunk faster. This is entirely untrue.

Absinthe doesn’t make you hallucinate It just has a high alcohol content. This myth has historical origins but it is now believed that early absinthe related hospitalizations were due to alcoholism, not hallucinations.

Sucking on a penny will not help you pass a breathalyzer This myth came from the belief that copper somehow concealed the alcohol, which isn’t true. Plus, a penny is only about 2% copper.

The lines on a red Solo cup do not exist for alcohol measuring The company has claimed time and time again that this was not an intentional addition.

Diet soda in alcohol drinks gets your drunk faster Many believe the diet soda mixed with alcohol doesn’t get you drunk, but in fact it causes the body to absorb alcohol quicker.

Combining energy drinks with alcohol doesn’t make you drunker Turns out this combination just energizes you (shocking), which makes you feel as if you’re drunker than you are.

Blackouts can never be recalled Some claim that despite blacking out from binge drinking, all of their memories came back in a flash. According to studies, these are actually false memories.

Alcohol is not a truth serum There is no evidence that getting drunk causes you to tell the truth, though many experts believe that there is often a connection between drunk claims and sober thoughts, but the jury is still out on this one.

You can’t cure a hangover by anything other than time Cold showers, exercise, coffee, and food will not work.

Eating before drinking doesn’t keep you sober It helps with the absorption of alcohol in your body, but it delays rather than restricts alcohol from entering the bloodstream. It does however help reduce the severity of a hangover.

A nightcap won’t help you sleep While the drink can help you go to sleep faster the alcohol makes it so you spend less time in REM or deep sleep. People who have been drinking tend to sleep lighter and wake up earlier.

Types of drink don’t cause types of drunk There is no evidence that the type of alcohol you consume can make a different type of emotion occur. Studies show that the number of drinks and the speed of drinking have a much greater effect on your mood.