A few helpful food tips to enhance your kitchen prowess (20 Photos)

Keep Cake Moist With Bread Slices The last thing you want is a cake you just made to go stale. Solution? After cutting into the cake, use toothpicks and a piece of bread to cover the exposed sections to keep the inner cake soft.

Wrap Banana Crowns in Plastic Oh, you have unripe bananas? — Wait .02 seconds. — Oh, your bananas are rotten? Wrap banana crowns in plastic wrap and they’ll last 3-4 days longer.

Navigate the World of Cheese If you’ve ever thrown string cheese on a plate next to some smashed up Triscuits, you could benefit from a few tips on creating the perfect plate.

Pit Cherries With a Funnel Because spitting out the pits of cherries is frowned upon, get out the funnel and use it to remove the pit with ease.

Keep Cookies Moist With an Apple By simply tossing an apple slice into the Tupperware with the cookies, you can keep them moist and delicious.

Oil Up Your Eggs While it might sound dirty, rubbing egg shells in vegetable oil before refrigerating will keep them fresh for an additional 3-4 weeks.

Cut Corn Off the Cob With a Bundt Pan Cut corn off the cob with no problem by using a bundt pan to both hold the cob as you cut and catch the corn that comes off.

Cut Cakes and Doughs With Dental Floss You can always use a knife to slice through desserts, but dental floss making cutting dough and cake a breeze.

Grill Fish On a Bed of Lemons If you place the fillet on a bed of lemons, you won’t be scraping salmon off of the grates.

Make Hash Browns In the Waffle Iron If your waffle iron is gathering dust, toss some hash browns on it.

Make Heart-Shaped Eggs Use a chopstick or pencil and rubber bands to make a heart-shaped boiled egg and win the adoration of whoever consumes it.

Nutella Hot Chocolate Never worry about wasting your precious Nutella again. Instead, pour warm milk into the dregs of the jar to create Nutella hot chocolate and happiness…so much happiness.

Turn Lemon Slices Into Ice Cubes You can freeze lemons in muffin tins and create unique ice cubes.

Cut A Mango Carve up your favorite fruit easily, while looking like a savant.

Store Natural Nut Butters Upside Down If you’ve ever opened up a new jar of natural peanut butter, you know you burn off all the calories you’re about to consume simply by trying to stir it (and not spill any of the oil.) Solution: Store natural nut butters upside down to make it easier to stir and then spread.

Make Creative Pancakes with Cookie Cutters Do you have kids? Actually who are we kidding. adults would eat these too.

Make Your Own Taco Shells All you need is a craving for tacos, an oven and a few tortillas. Simply hang the tortillas on the oven rack and heat them at 375 for 7-10 minutes. Via TwentyTwoWords