A crazy aunt tries to sue her 12-year-old nephew for hugging her (4 Photos)

54-year-old Jennifer Connell attempted to sue her 12-year-old nephew for $127,000 because he gave her an enthusiastic greeting that caused her to fall down.

The Manhattan woman suffered this ‘traumatic event’ at Sean’s 8th birthday party 4 years ago. She claimed he was negligent when he jumped in her arms, knocked her down and broke her wrist.

She testified and confessed the hardest part of the whole deal: “I was at a party recently, and it was difficult to hold my hors d’oeuvre plate.”

The judge only took 25 minutes to rule in Sean’s favor on Tuesday. “Kids will be kids,” his attorney Thomas Noniewicz said. “He was an 8-year-old boy being an 8-year-old boy… Sean was not negligent.” Take this as a lesson, kids: Next time your aunt pinches your cheeks or gets a little drunk at Thanksgiving, just be grateful you’re not stuck with this broad. Via CT Post