90's Kids? After Seeing This Gallery, You Gonna Feel So Old...

Have you noticed how time flies for some things in your life? You may not have realized it before but as you age, random things grow older too! You probably did not think of these before, but now? You'll say that I am right!

If you really think about it, Maude Flanders has been dead for 13 years.

Most kids would not have an idea on what the Walkman is because it was released 35 years ago.

If 'Back to the Future' will be remade in 2015, Marty travels back 30 years to 1985.

This 32 year old hard drive weighs over 26 lbs. and stores a massive 20 MB of data equivalent to around 10 HD photos.

The save icon is something that most of the students in school today will be too young to know.

DVDs made VHS obsolete 14 years ago but now, services like Netflix are making the DVD obsolete.

Take a look on Google's first page design when it debuted in 1998.

Released I 2004, the Motorola Razr flip phone is now in a museum.

You might think that the cost ($3.56 million) of the computing power found inside an iPhone 5 in 1991, is $1,000 far more reasonable.

Did you know that SpongeBob SquarePants has been running on TV for 15 years?

Maggie would be 26 now if the Simpsons actually aged.

Remember the baby on the cover of 'Nevermind' ? He is now old enough to drink legally!

Come to think of it, the kids from 'Recess' would all be 26 now.

Have you seen what Facebook looked like when it started in 2004?

It was 17 years ago that the first book in the Harry Potter series was published.