28 Famous Logos That Have Deep, Hidden Meanings

There are thousands if not millions of logos today in the world. However, did you know that most of the famous logos today have a deep meaning? These are 30 famous logos today that have interesting and even surprising meanings behind it. Please share if you agree or vehemently disagree on the meaning of these logos and add your more interesting ideas on the meaning behind these company logos.

VAIO combines the analog wave and binary code

Baskin Robbins have 31 ice cream flavors

Three diamond shaped oak leaves was an ex-employer

The compass is both N and W, clever!

Amazon has everything from A to Z with a smirk

Colors show playfulness and breaking the primary color rule!

Two guys sharing a red salsa bowl - don't pronounce it though

The logo is an elephant's trunk

See the mother and child?

The mountain logo has a bear in it.

Logo represents basically everything in the universe - Arnell

The equal signs represent equality - point clearly stated I guess.

The smiling face is actually a zoomed in lowercase G

Both a Spartan and a rich golfer at the same time

Swirly images represent everything Unilever made

Every letter in TOYOTA can be traced in the logo

The white and blue is not a propeller - its Bavarian colors!

The word "Sun" can be read on all four sides

See the word "mom" on Wendy's collar?

Giraffe legs are actually building silhouttes

The arrow is between E and X

Religious Iconographic galore

Top row of boxes is binary for 80, bottom row is 20

LG is Life's Good or a disfigured Pac-man

Black stripes represent the mountain you'll hike

Häagen-Dazs is a made up word from the Bronx

Colors represent the 6 divisions in NBC

Rings represent four founding companies