25 Times When Things Escalated WAY Too Quickly

I mean, things really got out of hand just now!

When Barbara wanted to lay down the law.

When you went to a rave.

When Google told you what you wanted.

When you wanted to do some laundry.

When James showed off his Tinder skills.

When you took your kids for some ice cream.

When you decided to quit smoking.

When this girl needed an adrenaline rush.

When you wanted to buy some cookies.

When you wanted to learn a foreign language.

When you kissed a girl.

When you thought about school.

When we learned this girl's secrets.

When you needed to get rid of some bugs.

When this woman wanted to get home.

When this person was getting married.

When you wanted to make some more pancakes.

When this cute little girl discussed her future.

When you ordered some pizza.

When you just wanted to watch an old favorite movie.

When you checked out this sweet bike.

And things still manage to escalate quickly even when you take the elevator instead.nbsp;