25 Images Of The Cutest Baby Animals On Earth

Animals like people are very adorable and lovable when they are still babies. You would wish they would stay as babies forever, not grow into fierce and deadly adults that can probably take your life. Take a look at some of the cutest baby animals that have graced pictures and magazines.

A baby red panda with his paw pressed on the glass window.

Panda cubs sleeping on their pen.

A baby owl cuddling with a duckling.

An albino lion cub staring on cam.

A tiny baby polar bear.

Puppies playing with their human.

A puppy playing with its mother.

A fat, wrinkled puppy.

The kitten rides a dog friend.

Kitten looks a lot like Master Yoda.

Puppy checking out a cute hedgehog.

A sleeping tiger cub.

Puppy playing peek-a-boo.

Kittens found acting naughty.

This cub looks like a living stuff toy.

A kitten sitting on a laptop.

Kittens on a morning walk.

Pug perched on the pillow to look outside.

A kitten standing on the stairs blocking the sunshine.

Kitten having a surf board lesson.

The puppy is carrying his human's cup.

A kitten swiping on a string.

This puppy is enjoying the snow.

A baby dog looking sleepy.

These adorable cubs just love cuddles.