24 Awesome Secrets That Made Breaking Bad More Interesting

Breaking Bad is considered to be one of the most popular shows on TV in recent years, and if have watched it, then you would agree that there are awesome things that happened on the show. To get into the details, let us discuss the interesting secrets here one by one!

Some people theorized that the characteristics of the people he killed are taken by Walt.

After killing Crazy 8, he began cutting the crust off his sandwiches..

He started having pre-vomiting rituals like Gus.

The difference was obvious to those who have been watching the show from start to finish..

Among the first shots in the show are Walt's lost pants.

He almost found it again in this scene.

Call backs from the past are found throughout the entire show.

This line was used in Season 1 Episode 7.

Some lines used in the first season are used again in the season finale.

It was used again in Season 5 Episode 8.

Jack gets Walt's attention everytime by doing this.

He snapped his fingers in Walt's face.

The end of season 2 has been spoiled the entire season 2 by the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan.

There are hidden meanings in the title of the series finale.

The coordinates of Q Studios in Albuquerque, N.M., where the show was filmed is similar to the spot where Walt buried the money.

See those green squares on the wall?

And the green squares on the hospital floor?

They are same squares in the shows’ title.

A sonnet by Shelly about the fall of empires inspired the Ozymandias episode.

The chessboard in the episode is arranged in a way that the white king will be put into a checkmate after a few moves.

Is this a premonition for the Director of photography?

Walt listens to a song about a wanted man returning to town to found his love named Felina in the finale.

A pattern can be seen in the shows beginning and ending.

A robot was built to save Walt and Jesse in the finale.

These lines are repeated several times in the series.

The similarities in the first and last encounters between Walt and Jesse are undeniable.

Can you see the glaring reference to Reservoir Dogs here?

Walt’s clothes grew darker as he commits more crime in Seasons 1 and 2.