23 Tips On How To Understand Women Better

Men always say that they cannot understand women. They cannot get the mood swings, the silent treatment, and other behavior that make women difficult to read. If you want to dig deep on the truth behind the words and actions of women, then these tips would be useful for you!

When a woman is sarcastic...

What women say is different from what they mean.

They blame their period for their volatile emotions.

A woman gives signs when she likes you.

When a woman just want you to be friends.

When women shaved their legs and wear matching underwear.

They want to indulge on pointless arguments.

When women say they like funny guys.

Women will always find something to argue with when they're in the mood.

They like to warm their cold feet on your back.

What they say when they meet an ugly guy.

They believe makeup can transform them into beautiful creatures.

Women say nonsense often.

Tubs of ice cream comfort a broken-hearted girl.

A girl will be offended easily by your jokes.

OK means you said something wrong.

Be alarmed when a girl finally tells you what's wrong.

Women like to make other women envious.

The evolution of women's rights.

Look at a woman's face when she says this.

Women will always find fault in men.

The different meanings of okay.

Women text fast when they're angry.