2015 was a year that witnessed bizarre trends in the food world (18 Photos)

While all the chips in the Doritos ‘Roulette’ bag look the same, ONE boasts an eye-watering punch of spice. That one chip is so spicy, it’s been banned in schools.

Burger King turned everyone’s poop green by introducing the Black Burger. It was just a side effect of whatever they used to dye the bread black. Still, that couldn’t have been too good for your insides.

McDonald’s ‘Modern China Burger’ is now available in Chinese restaurants. It has a gray bun. This has not been well received, if you can imagine it,

KFC decided buns were overrated and came out with the ‘Double Down Dog.’ It’s a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken. Whose heart just skipped a beat?

Taco Bell made their nachos virtually unsharable by offering a smashed sandwich version of them.

Pizza Hut came out with the ‘Hot Dog Bites,’ which essentially crammed hot dogs into a pizza crust. To make matters worse, it came with a side of mustard.

Peeps became something you could swallow without chewing. And also something to give you early-onset diabetes.

Dum Dum suckers gave us Pizza, Bacon, and Buttered Popcorn flavored lollipops.

Pizza Hut also channeled their inner UPS delivery and started delivering food in triple-stacked boxes.

Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor claimed another victim in MM’s.

Chocolate sandwich slices are now a a very real thing. It takes the simplistic model of Kraft cheese slices and allows you to step up your culinary chocolate game in a big way.

McDonald’s answered everyone’s prayers with the rollout of an all-day breakfast menu. **Mic drops

Red Velvet Oreos beg the question “has science gone too far?” Why must men try to play God?

Chicken Fries became a permanent fixture on the BK menu.

Tired of only being able to DRINK your pink lemonade? Kellogg’s has you covered with their pink lemonade flavored Pop-tart.

Pringles decided it would be a wise idea to bring back their dessert-flavored chips. Because who doesn’t crave a ‘Salted Caramel’ chip?

Heinz saved everyone the trouble of mixing Sriracha in our ketchup. The new condiment is “infused with spicy chili pepper and garlic flavors.” Most people seemed to like everything but the price.

This year, at the end of a flavor suggestion contest, Lays turned Biscuits And Gravy into a finger food. Runners up included Gyro Sandwich, Reuben Sandwich, and Truffle Fries.