20 Useful Hacks You Might Want To Try Next Time You Travel

If you will be traveling with your car for hours on the road you must be physically, mentally, and financially prepared. It's good if you will be going with someone who can take turns with you in driving, if not, you'll be in for a tiring, backbreaking day! Here are some useful hacks that can help make traveling less hassle and stressful for you.

Bring inflatable floatie for a bed.

Use rubber band to hold your phone.

Roll window down and open and close door repeatedly to cool down car.

Remove car sticker with wet newspaper.

Position wind mirrors where you can't see any part of your car for safety.

Exit sign is positioned in the side where the exit is on.

Turn steering wheel to 180 degrees to avoid a burning hot one.

The arrow next to the gas pump shows the location of the gas tank.

Choose the lane where 18 wheelers go to avoid traffic.

Fill your tank while holding the trigger halfway.

Ask a fast food delivery place for directions.

Fix scratches with clear nail polish.

Tilt your head to one side if you feel sick while driving.

Hold car remote under your chin to increase range.

Keep dryer sheets in your car to freshen the air.

Free air is usually offered by most gas stations.

Keep an emergency kit in you trunk.

Use a tapedeck to hold your modern tech in place.

Rub the inside of the window with a cut clean potato.

Don't change lanes during a traffic jam to avoid accident.