20 Times Confused People Thought They Met An Actual Celebrity

Definitely drunk "Jonny Depp."

It has to be Mike Tyson! He's got the tattoo and everything.

Surprisingly no secret service was there in the fast food joint.

Well at least he really looks like Drake.

The 2 for 1 special, this guy meetnbsp;Christian Bale and Orlando Bloom!

House is in the house!

Time to get a selfie with Morgan.

Getting wasted with Clooney.

Good thing he tagged Marilyn so he could laugh at this.

This guy is legally dumb.

How could he not even know?

These guys are #truefans for sure.

It was the time of her life.nbsp;

A guy with dwarfism? Must be Peter Dinklage.

He does look hungover.

So many people got to seenbsp;Macklemore at this festival.

Wolverine looks skinnier in person.

That Chris Pratt is everywhere right now.

He drove up in a Lincoln, so it was totally Matthew McConaughey.