20 Strong Contenders for The Most Stupid People On Earth

Darwin Awards basically bestowed to the people who showed lack of intelligence and remove themselves from gene pool through sterilization or simply death.

Usage of Ladder

First in our nominees’ list is this guy. The way he is standing on ladder is just too much ‘intelligence show’ all at once.

Biting Tiger#8217;s Tail

I won’t do that if I were you. The result of this behavior won’t be very nice.

Changing Tires

I have never seen changing tires style like this before. It is scary and funny at the same time.


What a genius guy he is, giving his head to one of the world’s ruthless killers just likes that.

Pants on Fire!

If they really got burn, it will hard to give them medication on the spot.

Another Genius with Ladder

But to add more intelligence to his work, he preferred to put his ladder in water along with electronic device.

Playing with Fire

Our parents always told us not to play with fire ever since our childhood but I guess this guy never bothered to hear them.

Riding Bicycle in Unique Way

If you don’t have enough space for other passenger, you can try this not out; instead tell them to use public transport.

Not a Rabbit Hole

No matter what you do lady rabbit won’t come out of this hole.

Scaring Bull from Batman

This man is showcasing his brilliance in a way that even bull is going to think, who is that idiot?

Fixing Upside Down

May be this way, his brain comes to its place and next time he will avoid this kind of stupidity.

Geniuses Beyond This World

This height of un-intelligence makes you want to salute these kinds of people for their way of using brains.


Though you are cutting this tree but at least just see where it will fall.

#8220;Think Safety First#8221;

This guy really can be seen following the instructions very carefully.

Working with Care

Woods balanced on chair. Really, what possibly could go wrong?

Saving Life or Putting It in Danger?

Either he was saved or both would have broken their bones in the process of rescue.

Disturbing Sleeping Tiger

I guess this guy didn’t know the difference between cat and tiger. Disturbing the beast can result in your pieces mister.

Again with a Ladder!

What is up with men and using ladder in a dangerous ways?????

Witch on Broomstick

He is trying to pretend like ‘witch on broomstick’ but in real life broomsticks can’t fly. Hope he didn’t learned that a hard way.

Nice Relaxing Place

Red shirt guy chose to lie down against fire while blue shirt guy bicycling above him. We all can imagine what happened next.