20 Snapchat Wins You'll Never Forget!

Technology is getting cooler and cooler as time goes by. Apps like Snapchat turn people into funny artists that keep viewers entertained with their craziness. Snapchat images may not be seen more than once but that does not mean you can easily forget them especially if they're as funny as these!

Pizza is his first true love.

The Tides have turned cap side out.

A chameleon pet hacking the system.

How people with Samsung Galaxies behave.

The girl is thinking plant puns.

Shocked to recall he left the oven on.

Question if treatment can work on emotions like it does in damage hair.

Football is dad's dream not the son.

Begging for the wifi password.

Fresh new kicks on fingers.

Feel dead as a skeleton.

A Sherlock Holmes' pun.

McDonalds as the gym.

A booty-looking orange fruit.

Landed upside down in Australia.

James Pond on the map.

Chameleon ate the grasshopper in revenge.

Benjamin Franklin wrote that.

Wear cardboard box while playing the piano.

The women in the ad are Iggy Azalea and Madonna.