20 People Who Clearly Haven't Had Their Morning Coffee Yet

If we don't get these people some coffee stat, heads will roll.

The person that was attempting to get their coffee but got a little mixed up.

This man who made it to breakfast but not with all his clothes.

The person who had an unpleasant time getting ready.

The copywriter that forgot they were responsible for the copywriting.

This driver that is to groggy to remember what those lines mean.

This guy who couldn't make it through a shower.

The person who needs needs this daily reminder.

The cable tech that needed a rest to complete the installation.

This person who got ready in a hurry.

This super helpful announcer.

These cops that desperately needed their donuts and coffee.

The person whose world was a little upside-down this morning.

And this person whose world was a little backward.

The guy who at least made it to work with two shoes on.

And this person that got into work with a little something extra.

This woman that got her coffee but should have started drinking it already.

The guy who had the wrong kind of relief this morning.

This top-notch security guard.

This guy who isn't as good as his thinks without coffee.

This guy who needs some java to turn his morning around.

Everyone that owns this cup.