20 Lesser Known Facts About The World Around Us

It is interesting to lean new things about the world we live in. We maybe separated by miles and miles of water but the Internet made things easier or us to communicate and get information about things that we need to know. We might not have been born when some of these things happened but thanks to the power of the Internet - we are given access to these interesting information!

Genghis Khan's strategy to make people join his empire.

Whopping budget for Kate Upton's commercial.

The expiration date on bottled waters.

Army dentist who killed nearly 100 enemy troops.

A vault that ensures the survival of marijuana.

Illegal crematorium in Pasadena.

The fizz in carbonated drinks.

What our genes tell us.

Toxic mold may have caused Brittany Murphy's death.

We only eat young lobsters.

The Steve Jobs project strategy.

The effect of playing video games.

The dominatrix scene was a joke.

Raccoons can solve complex locks in only 10 tries.

Japan tried to mate two male hyenas.

Countries where advertising to children is illegal.

What causes the lack of appetite during flight.

The benefit of recycling glass.

The debate on X-Men dolls.

The original purpose of the Illinois toll roads.