20 Ideas The US Needs To Steal From The Rest Of The World

Giving 50% Tax Breaks During The Christmas Season

Free Maternity Box To All New Mothers

Free Subway Rides In Return For Squats

Speeding Ticket Lottery

Reduced Prison Sentences For Readers

No Criminal Penalties For Drug Possession

In 2010 alone, the #8216;war on drugs#8217; cost the federal Government $500 every second, or $15 billion total. In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs, including cocaine and heroin. While distribution is still illegal, those caught for personal possession and use are dealt with in a court made up of psychologists and social workers. Instead of locking kids away for a spliff, addicts are referred to clinics. Since these moves, drug addiction has dropped 50% and drug use in Portugal is among the lowest in Europe.

Rainy Day National Oil Fund

Income Basednbsp;Criminal Fines

Pay-As-You-Go Garbage Collection

Compulsory Voting

Anonymous Drug Analysis So You Know You're Getting The Good Stuff

The Netherlands has an anonymous service that offers illicit drug analysis for free of charge and without fear of arrest. The results list all of the ingredients, side effects and the actions needed in the event of an overdose. The move has reduced drug related deaths and detects potentially deadly lacing.

Free Museum Passes For All New Citizens

Free Rides Fromnbsp;Government Vehicles

Paid Maternity and Parental Leave

The US is the only developed country that does not guarantee paid maternity leave for workers. The Czech Republic is by far the most generous in this respect, with parents getting a minimum of 14 weeks to a maximum of 28 weeks maternity leave. What's more, new mothers and fathers can take up to 48 months of paid parental leave, paid by the state.

Pay Kids To Attend School

State Sponsored Sex For The Disabled

Citizen Run Social Media Accounts

Every week, the official Twitter account of Sweden is given to a random citizen to manage. The idea is to highlight Sweden's diversity and progressiveness through the personality and views of her citizens. This week, the curator is Pernilla, a self-described "mum, geek, girl, sports nerd, cat lady, birdwatcher, and tree lover."

1/3 Less Commercials

Treating Bikes Like Cars

Mandatory Paid Sick Leave