20 Facebook Wins And Fails That Will Blow Your Mind!

Facebook users never fail to make other people love them or hate them. Whether it can be a dumb post or a clever comment, these people can prick your interest that you would be convinced to read what they have posted. Only after you're done will you be able to know if what you have read is a win or fail. But they definitely will blow your mind!

Young David partying with girls.

Kanye West should go to prison like Nelson Mandela.

The ice in the lake will not hold.

A complete bullshit on his opinion.

Look for a job for having that thought.

The night to come out of the closet.

Tell a girl what not to do and she will do it.

Go to bed when done raping presents.

She's the reason for the sinking of the three ships.

Loved him but he pooped in her head.

School does not give spelling tests.

Gives a smart impression until she spells.

Black Friday sales killed millions of people.

The best girlfriend he dated for one day.

The engagement ring is not her size.

Does not know what friendship is.

Nobody wants slutty girls.

Pretend to have bad parents to get Facebook likes.

He does not need to upgrade his Adobe to access an alien ship.