19 Of The Most Stupid Questions People Posted On Twitter

If you thought you have already read all the dumb things people posted on Twitter then, you're wrong! There's more! It seems like some people spend most of their time on social media sites that they will not able to keep up with what's happening around them in real life. Why, they don't even know the complete name of their President! That's really stupid right? Here are some of the most stupid questions ever asked on Twitter.

Asked about Obama's last name.

NFL is just for the United States.

Stevie Wonder is still blind.

Have not seen green apples before

Kim K also post dumb questions like this.

The distance between Miami and Florida.

Why a quarter is 15 minutes.

Don't know what are the vowels.

Jamaica is in Africa.

Number of months before twins are born.

Columbus is a president.

GTA V is different from GTA 5.

A hippo for a human bean.

England and Ireland are the same country.

Delaware is the 51st state.

Toronto is in what state.

Pay for IOS update of Galaxy phone.

African is a religion.

My god that is dumb