19 Of The Most Cleverly Done Street Ads Ever!

I like how companies are getting more and more innovative when it comes to placing street ads. You can walk through them or over them unknowingly until something catches your eyes. Very clever isn't it? Here are some of the best street ads I have seen.

Donuts escalate towards Homer Simpson's mouth.

Why getting off the street is hard.

Mr. Clean ad in the pedestrian crossing.

A bill board ramp from IBM.

A cup of coffee covering the manhole.

The stair is like the Everest to disabled people.

An ad designed for a bridge that defies gravity.

Hot wheels in the highway. 

McDonald's ad in crosswalk lines. 

The Kraken holding its victim high over the street.

An unwrapped KitKat bench.

Watch handles in the train.

The bench that will make you run.

A stuttering billboard from NFS.

Showers that are meant to deceive.

A scary ad at the head of the stairs.

Stop Iraq War campaign.

A smoking gun for a chimney.

A car crash warning for motorists.