19 Disturbing and Weird Facts From All Around The World

Our world is full of things that can disturb your mind forever.

Lucky Mr. President

Maybe the Islanders knew he was going to be president of United States.

Mouse brain as Toothpaste

Another reason to love the century you are born in!

Sharp Babies...

Even the infants know how to cope with the environment.

So try to protect the one that is provided to you by the nature.

Do you like to have dinner with them?

Risk of Riding Toller

And what about the heart attack?

Tarzan's Death...

Tarzan who was not loved by Elephants...

Do you wonder how it feels? Give it a try...

Too bad that they can only have the one time fun!

Wait till you know how much of these in chocolates are allowed?

We can only question the mentality level of the person setting this launch code!

When you own the right, you can use it the way you want!

The Giant Tapeworm

A six feet man having 30 feet worm inside; Just think!

Relation of Milk and Blood

Hey kids, there is one more reason to not to drink milk!

Relation of Your Nose With Metro Station

This includes the skin of the dirty beggar and that old lady too...

Eskimo moms sucks snot

They suck and they spit! It feels less yucky now! Right?

Science of Smell

Not everything smells great, so what about their molecules? How many you can think of?