18 Things From The Past Today's Kids Will NEVER Understand Or Recognize.

To all the kids out there, here's a Lesson 101 of all things awesome that your folks had from years back.

Before Google rocked the world wide web, there were encyclopedias- volumes of them!

That pencil to help in adjusting the ribbon (rewind and forward) in the cassette tape..

For your info, that's a camera with no screen to check if your shots are good enough.

Not too long ago, CD covers came with lyric sheets of the songs included on the list.

LimeWire was the only source of hit songs. The iTunes of yesterday!

If you have iPods today, what made them cool was a portable disc player.

Video rental was a thing of the past. You haven't heard about it, right?

Why did they have to do this for game cartridges to work? No idea!

Imagine a life without mobile phones. That used to be their way of life.

Yellow pages- a directory or listing of contact numbers- were in every household.

Ask your mom if she did this and definitely her answer would be "yes."

Mr. Rogers who? Fred Rogers was a famous television host, author and writer from America.

Old school rechargeable batteries for their "high-tech" gadgets back then..

For sure, you saw some VHS tapes (of teeny bopper movies) in her closet.

Wow, our computers world has been changed...

MTV? What?

Prank callers, probably, were so active without a caller ID and with this type of telephone.


Like if you ever used it!