18 Foods That You Might Be Eating Wrong All This Time

Surprisingly, there are many foods that we have been eating all our lives yet we eat them the wrong way. Here are correct and better ways to eat these foods that everyone should learn, in order to enjoy eating, and avoid the disapproving stares from other people.

Wrap lettuce around a taco before eating it.

Adding bacon to cinnamon rolls can level up the taste.

The salad dressing should be put first in the mason jars when preparing to-go salads.

This is how you eat kiwis.

Dunk Oreo cookies with a fork.

Assemble taco toppings inside Doritos wrappers so you can eat it while walking.

The right way to prepare peanut butter jelly sandwich.

Try Hasselback potatoes instead of chips.

Sushi fish should be eaten side-down.

Make frozen milk-dipped Oreos.

How to layer the cheese in a sandwich.

To ensure that hotdogs are cooked evenly, cut them into spirals.

Turn your three breakfast favorites into one.

Cupcakes should be cut in half and turn topping side in before eating.

Eggs can be cooked using muffin tins in the oven.

The best way to split a pint of ice cream is to slice it in the middle vertically.

Weave 6 bacons before microwave when making BLT.

Chinese food containers can be turned into plates.