17 Pizza Hacks You Would Might Want To Try

Pizza is a very popular food that most people cannot do without. It is convenient, comforting, satisfying, and quite delicious too! You just pop it inside the oven to re-heat and voila! You'll have a hot, mouth-watering pizza to sink your teeth into! To level up your pizza experience, here are some pizza hacks for you to try.

Microwave pizza with a glass of water to keep crust from getting chewy.

Greek yogurt and self-rising flour to make pizza dough.

Keep pizza hot by turning seat warmer.

Create pizza cupcakes at home.

Make pizza roll using croissant dough.

Prop pizza boxes on top of a soda bottle to prevent toppings from shifting while you drive.

Re-heat pizza using flat iron and blow dryer.

Use code 25OFF when you order Papa John's pizza.

Try Nutella dessert pizza.

Make your own pizza braid.

Make pizza roll using an egg wrapper.

Turn empty pizza box into a laptop stand.

Make pizza in a jar that you can carry anywhere.

Re-heat leftover pizza in a pancake maker.

Roll a big pizza dough to make pizza stick roll.

Pizza on a stick

Make your own brick oven to cook pizza.