17 Old People Trying To Cope With Technology...And Failed Hilariously!

It's fun seeing our parents and grandparents trying their best to learn the new technologies. You can see that the determination is there, but old age is a barrier that keeps getting in the way. They have slower reflexes and not thinking sharply like they used to in their younger days. That's why all their attempts to master technology ended up miserably. Here are some of the funniest tech fails that will make you LOL!

Confused mom is a wreck.

Mom has no idea what scroll is.

Grandma commands Facebook like a robot.

Can see better with caps lock on.

Grandma just wants to greet people.

Grandma the Grandmaster Flash. 

Demands that Walmart call.

Grandma doing a review.

Magnifying glass is handy in texting, right Gran?

How to create "@".

Her child runs Google.

Mom types the whole paragraph.

Mom can't take her fingers off the lens.

Dad tried to send something from Yahoo.

Offers bricks in the backyard.

How they tried to fix the hub.

Grandpa at Starbucks accessing Wifi like kids do, but doesn't know what to do.