17 Movie Plot Holes You Probably Missed

Many famous films have become box office hits due to their sophisticated special effects, stellar casts, and great plots. However, there were big plot holes that may have been taken for granted by the makers of the movies just to meet the date of release. Here are Some of those plot holes .

Daniel wins with an illegal kick in the face.

Buzz freezes when people are around.

Smokes valuable paper all day long.

Aliens abducted him when the world is already being taken over by them.

Invited the guy who tried to rape his wife to work with them.

Drillers were trained to become astronauts.

Billions of dollars disappeared and people just shrug it off.

The police were not bothered about a child alone in a house.

Villain's plan is dependent in a blizzard.

Maria was the only one who heard Tony yell in the areas of Harlem.

Aliens were killed by water.

Hide Luke in his father's home planet not give him Vader's last name.

Cypher gets in and out without an operator.

No one wonders about the presents that magically appear.

Marshmallow man devastated New York.

The age of Rocky's son was not right.

Struck the same rib but produced 2 different sounds.