17 Facts That You Won't Believe It's TRUE

Life is full of surprises! Every waking minute of the day we are bound to experience something more than what we had already experienced in our lifetime - but some facts or truths are sometimes so mind-boggling that it makes it hard to believe its true, even if you heard or read its reasons or justifications. Just like having a soccer match so lopsidedly won by a team you won’t believe the score, some are stories that inspires you and makes you believe that mankind really have a future after all: these facts inspire you to be better, and then there are other stories that are so disappointing or horrible you wish it’s not true altogether; either way good or bad, learning these facts also gives you plenty of ammunition in conversation.

We forgot how to play, just like you forgot how to officiate ref!


Talk about bravery! We salute you!

Well that was unexpected.

Fart and burp for your life.

Dad! Do you have a quarter?

Revolutionizing the fight against drugs

Falling before you fly

Insomnia fails in comparison

Faith in humanity restored

Kids, its not for everyone

So we are basically paying rent.

We are blind until it slaps us in the face

I'm imagining Mr. Bean did this?

Hiding it under plain sight

The grudge is real

Marksmanship at its finest!