16 Of The Dirtiest Logo Companies Have Ever Made

A logo is made to represent the company and to make people remember the company and its products or services easily. This is why companies spend time and money in hiring the best people in order to come up with the most appropriate and most eye-catching logo ever! But then, they don't always achieve what they aim for. Some logos are eye-catching...yes, but appropriate? No! Because they turned out to be the dirtiest and the funniest logo ever!

A naked torso of a woman.

Junior Jazz Dance Class.

A butt pierced by a penile-shaped object.

Oriental School.

No space or punctuation between the words.


Figures having sex standing up.

Kudawara Pharmacy.

Dripping penis of a man.

Vermont Maple Syrup.

Two people doing the doggy style position.


A woman doing a fellatio.

2012 Olympics.

Two people having sex while facing each other.

Kindergarten logo

A woman's vagina.

Fire prevention products.

A woman with big breasts and thick pubic hair.

Mama's Baking.

Dentist having sex with the patient.

Dental Care.

A man's penis and testicles.

OGC logo.

The bolt and nuts are formed like a penis.

The right tools for the right job.

Lemon and lime having sex.

Zitrone MAOAM.

Man sucking on sausages gives a dirty messsage.

Sausage company.

A man with odd-looking limbs.

Special surgery hospital.