16 Awkward Behaviors Of People At The Gym, What Were They Thinking...?

Do you know why people go to the gym? To work out in order to achieve the physique that they want right? It this is the main purpose then, what do these people doing in the gym? You, tell me!

Pretenders: Those people who know that they're not doing it right but kept on going.

Know-It-All: A person that claims to know the routine but not doing it right.

Show-Off: People who want to get attention by doing crazy stunts in the gym.

Little Show-Off: People who attempted to do crazy stunts but failed.

Dumb: A person doing leg stretching instead of using the equipment.

Suicidal: A person who attempts a stunt without thinking about the danger to his life.

Dumber: A person sitting with a chair on the treadmill instead of running.

Annoying: People in exceptionally good shape but still visits the gym.

Fool: A person who lifts weights in a strange way - with his back!

Loser: A person who cannot bear the intensity of the routine and just passed out.

Odd: A person who tries to lift weights with his mind.

Junkie: A person who suddenly lifts himself off his seat in the train because he is too high.

Cheater: A person who eats ice cream while working out. I wonder if the ice creamery was in the gym

Dumbest: A person who does not know how to use the gym equipment but is too dumb to ask. They are the whitest legs I#8217;ve ever seen

Player: A person who goes to the gym not to workout but to play - with hot girls! I think someone#8217;s a little distracted

Johnny Bravo: A person who have over-developed upper body and thin legs.