15 Toys Only 80's Children Can Know The Pleasure Of!

These toys will evoke nostalgia for all the people who were kids in 80s.

Dream Gun!

Super Soaker, 1989, could shoot up to 50 feet and every kid wanted to have one.

Dream Action Figures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the best show at that time and these Action Figures, 1988, were what every boy needed.

Dream Bracelets

Introduced in 1988, Slap Bracelets became the fashion wearable of every child, pre-teen and teenager. Everyone selects the one that suits their style.

Dream Scooter

From 1987 and onward, kids below 12 enjoyed the ride of Roller Racer. It was the dream scooter.

Dream Ball

Introduced in 1987, this ball was an exercise and challenging machine for every kid around.

Dream Being-Hero Toy

The Real Ghostbusters Toys, 1986, were the major attraction for the kids who liked to make ghosts' stories a lot.

Dream Cars

From 1986 to many upcoming years, boys liked to collect the "Micro Machines" of every color.

Dream Plush Doll

American Greetings introduced "My Pet Monster" in 1986; its handcuffs were the most fun thing for all.

Dream Stuffed Animals

Popples, 1986, loved so much by all the kids that they created a Saturday morning cartoon from the toys.

Dream Video Game

Duck Hunt introduced by Nintendo in 1985 as a light gun shooter video game and it became one of the most famous game all around the world.

Dream Teddy

This animatronic bear, Teddy Ruxpin, was introduced in 1985, and it read story to many of the kids then. It was the best story teller in late 80s.

Dream Transformers

The first generation of Transformers toys was introduced in 1984 and every kid wanted to have their favorite characters.

Dream Pony

The Little Pony that every little girl of 1983 and later wanted to have.

Dream Worm

Introduced in 1982, Glo Worm was the only worm that didn't freak out little girls when it glows.

Dream Super-Heroes

Every boy wanted He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Action Figures. Introduced in 1982, it is placed among the most popular animated children's shows of the 1980s.