15 Beverages From Japan That Are Way Too Bizarre!

Japanese are known for their innovations but their experiments in beverages are more than bizarre and weird. After seeing them you will want to drink none...

Pocari Sweat

This drink is publicized as "ion supply drink" and for your information, sweat salts do contain 'ions'.

Calpis Soda...

When you know what 'Calpis' means, you will doubt why it has this color.

Pepsi Strong Shot

Japan PepsiCo offers something quite extreme for its Japanese consumers; if your stomach is not strong, this drink is not for you.

Pepsi Salty Watermelon

This Pepsi is for you if your taste buds like extremely awkward tastes.


A mixture of milk and beer so you can tell your mommy that you are drinking healthy.

Morinaga Pancake Drink

A drink to destroy your perfect morning!

Do You Love Cheese?

If you do, you can drink this Japanese beverage. Yes! It's a cheese drink.

Menthol Shock...

Menthol can give you shock, did you know this before?

American Coffee

Obviously in Japan, you cannot make American coffee in your kitchen, so they make it in American kitchen and then can it.

Dragon Ball Z Drink

This soda is exclusively made for the fans of Dragon Ball Z; if you are one, you should go to Japan.

Placenta 10000

Don't you feel awkward with this name? Me too. But this is one healthy drink.

Bird's Nest

This is the flavored drink has bird's poop and nest's straw... That's what we can assume with this name. But I am sure it is not the case.

Wan Wan Sparkling

Can you see the logo on this wine? See it carefully and you will know it is not for you.

Hot Ginger Ale

This drink is hot and has ginger, so don't try to have it in hot summers.