14 Things You Get Way Too Excited About When You're Broke

Most of us have been broke at some point. It's not fun, but you learn to appreciate the value of a dollar and you definitely don't take things for granted once you get back on your feet. There are some things that you don't even realize how great they are until you're broke and, at that point, they're the most exciting things in the world. Here are just a few of them.

Redbox is exciting enough on its own, but if you get one of those free movie codes, you feel like P. Diddy.

Thanks to dollar menus, you can go out to eat and walk away with a giant bag of food for under $5. Whaaaa??

Garage sales are like winning the lottery. You can walk away with a TV, dresser, and fish tank for like $10.

When your parents are in town and want to take you out to dinner, it's the most delicious food you've ever tasted.

Walking through the food court at the mall is the easiest and cheapest meal you'll have all week. Sesame chicken for days!

Frozen pizzas that cost less than a dollar can almost bring you to tears.

Really anything that contains the word "pizza" that's frozen is a gift from heaven.

When your boss says everyone has to work through lunch you act disappointed, but inside you're like, "Yessssss free Chick-fil-a platters!"

You'll stay in those massage chairs at Brookstone until management forcibly makes you leave.

The second run theaters are awesome, but if they have a day per week where movies are $2, you're all over that. You'll gladly wait 6 months to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

The library has free books, movies, and CDs. Did the heavens open above me?

Pretty much every social media app is free, so there's more entertainment than you could ever purchase in the store.

You can buy a bag of noodles and make 258 different meals with it.nbsp;

You're always looking at the free section on Craigslist and when you come across something you actually want, you'll gladly risk death to go pick it up. They're probably nice and not a murderer, right?