14 Of The Most Amazing Responses To Anonymous Hate Comments - Feel The Burn!

Have you ever come across hate comments from anonymous persons in social media? Who am I kidding of course you have, even if you are not the recipient you can feel the hate the the irritation of these cowards hiding in the face of anonymity. Then there are guys or even the original posters that are so creative when they reply to these hateful comments that your hatred melts and laugh at the amazing comeback the guy said - you can even feel sorry for the hateful commenter. Here's some of them, feel the burn!

Be careful when you are hate commenting on someone, make sure they don't have a great comeback like this one

Sometimes their comments are so out of this world, that it does not make sense

Dude you just told a proscratinator to do something, big mistake

Some of the best response is to using the material that is being criticized, the burn is more deeper

Guys, don't throw stones on other houses when you have a glass house

Another case of stones and glass houses, think before you click guys

When you write up a post, make sure that it is infallable, or don't post at all

That moment when you take his statements literally and it becomes a joke

That may be a good book to read, somebody write that book, now!

Don't judge the person with the movies he is watching, he may be more awesome than you

When you think another country sucks, and you get burned with wonderful things from them

That moment when you think you are anonymous, but the original poster traces your location, Opps

Does these people even think before they post, I mean, look at this!

You think you're a smart-ass and then somebody comes crashing your confidence down