14 Most Craziest Alcohol Record In The World! And Please, Do Not Try This At Home.

Are you the type of person who loves to party and get drunk? If so, sober up! We gather all the quirkiest and interesting alcohol-related world records that you never know existed. Some might shock you while others are just unbelievably insane. Think you can beat them? Read on…

Drowning in champagne.

Drowning yourself in Armand De Brignac’s Midas champagne is really the best way to party. It costs $62,199 and can fill up 253 glasses. Nope, that’s not all there is to it. Midas bottle is also the world’s largest.

Apparently for Alex Hope, world record won't stop him from being arrested.

Alex Hope really knew how to party as if it was his last. Young and rich, Alex spent a whopping $328,085 for drinks alone, making it the largest bar tab ever recorded. Apparently, fun didn't last that long after he was arrested for the infamous Ponzi scheme.

Go bar-hopping in Wisconsin.

If you want to have a real good time, you can try bar-hopping in one of the major drinking city in the world -La Crosse, Wisconsin. Its population may not be that big but having 360 bars in one of its streets has definitely earned a world record.

Talk about binge drinking...

Alex The Giant stands 7'4 and weighs 500lbs but he's not only known for his physique. Did you know that he can also consume 120-150 beers in one sitting? Now, talk to me about your binge drinking...

No fake claims, just pure and real Spirytus.

Unlike other brands that advertise fake claims, Poland's Spirytus contains 96% alcohol, which is why it's known as the world's strongest alcohol beverage.

No one knew longevity better than Weihenstephan.

Proven and tested, Weihenstephan has been in the brewery business since 768. That's right! No one knew longevity better than the world's oldest brewery.

Taste the effects of Snake Venom.

Snake Venom from Scottish Brewery Bremeister contains 65% ABV. This has earned the record for being the strongest beer in the world.

This german waiter can hold 27 mugs of beer. Insane!

This definitely sounds insane but Oliver Struempfel, a German waiter, has amazed the world by carrying 27 mugs of beer while walking at a 40-meter distance.

Who needs a beer bottle opener when you have Murali K.C?

In September 2011, Murali K.C from India snatched the record for being able to open 68 beer bottles in 1 one minute using his teeth. Now, who needs a beer bottle opener when you have him?

All hail the beer mile and running legend, James Nielsen.

Clearly, James Nielsen does not only hold impressive running credentials, he's also the first person to ever beat the 5-minute beer mile record. He ran at 4:57:0 with 9 seconds interval per beer.

Australian Joel Hefferman surely wants the most expensive cocktail.

The world record for the most expensive cocktail ever sold was awarded to Joel Hefferman, an Australian mixologist. He spent $12,916 for a fancy mix of cognac, grand Marnier quintessence and other expensive touches.

But the beer chugging record goes to....

If you think Nielsen was fast, wait until you meet Steven Petrosino. He drank 33 ounces of beer in 1.3 seconds, which earned him the beer chugging world record.

Too much blood alcohol level is dangerous unless you want to set a world record.

A man from Poland recorded 1.48% alcohol level, the highest in the world. It turned out he was stealing alcohol beverages from his work. That doesn't sound good, does it?

How would you like to party for 100 days?

The Roman Colosseum is more than just a famous monument from the past; it also set a world record for holding the largest party ever after it was completed. The event ran for 100 days and it was probably one of the most tragic, too.