14 Girls Who Have Irresistible Tinder Profiles

Emily, we are sorry to hear that.

You should get better than a banana peels.

The Opportunist Karly

Who wants to make her whole week?

Michelle Have Some Standards

She doesn't want a b*tch, only a real tattooed man

Dorothy Know To Claim What Belongs To Her

And Counting...

This rifle makes me wonder what the counting is for

Emmeline Know How To Google It

Samantha who wants to feel like everyone else

Hannah isn't you too young for that journey?

Kelli, You Are a Very Interesting Young Lady

Alright, then let's play!

Looks like a tinderbomb

Alison The Gamer

This is a very inviting photo for all seeking guys (which are insane)

We Love You Zoe

Please accept our condolences