14 Brilliant Inventions For Easy Living

I love inventions! Especially those that you can use at home to make house chores easier to do. 'm glad that people just keep on finding ways to make life more comfortable and more convenient in this fast-paced world! You'd want these things too...or you have them already?

A gift wrapper holder that snaps on and off.

A scissor that doubles as a knife.

A portable dish drainer.

A measuring glass with teaspoon measurements.

A space-saver shoe rack.

A shower curtain rod to hang towels.

A settee that turns into a mattress at night.

Range covers for easy cleaning.

A pot cover organizer.

A backseat rod to hold stuff.

A strainer for draining liquid from the pot.

A foldable picnic basket.

Vertical fruit holders you can hang on the wall.

Battery lights to use for romantic dinners.