13 Life Hacks You Need To Know

The Portable Beer Holder!

But wait, who really gonna bring a plunger to the beach...?

How Cooked Is Your Steak?

Clean Your Roof With a PVC Pipe And Leaf Blower

You don't need to fall off your ladder anymore to clean your roof.

The Cheap Smatphone Car Holder

A Rubber, that's all you need. Brilliant!

Kinda Creepy, But It Works.

It's well known that the black color absorbs the sun's heat much faster.

Where Have You Been All My Life..?!

You should get a Nobel prize.

Economy Traveler? Challenge Accepted.

No entertainment box in your flight seat? Not a problem - take a regular plastic big and upgrade your flight class to business immediately!

The Pizza Transportation Saver

Genius at its best.

The New Upgraded Pancakes Version

For The Smart Packager

Pack all of your clothes with a big trash bag. Will make your life much easier with pack and unpack!

Brilliant Method To Clean Your Blender

She Trying To Give You Wrong Number? No More!

This will save you days of waiting and sorrow..

Rip It Out