13 Creative Ways To Use The 'Scream Cam' in Your Roller Coaster Ride

Most of us have highlights in our childhood, that memorable birthday celebration, first kiss, first date with someone special and almost all of us have that time when our parents or relative brought us to the amusement park; over and over we wanted to go back and be brave enough to try the roller coaster – the best ride you could ever ride when you are a kid, and also as an adult. People usually scream and flail their arms when riding the roller coaster, the scream cam will then capture that photo where you were hysterical – these guys took it to the next level, using the scream cam to get the most hilarious roller coaster pictures.

The sleeper in the coaster

This guy got bored so bad that he decided to sleep on the roller coaster – either that or he died from the terror.

When you choose to do this during a roller coaster ride

Oh I’m only eating and my girlfriend is only reading a book

The centerfold pose

Everybody is screaming, while I’m just here chilling

I classic coaster eater

What better time to eat than during a roller coaster ride

It#8217;s a clowning affair

I think the clown is annoyed at the screams of his co-passengers

You know you are riding one of the best roller coaster when

Your hair screams with you

A stomach churning experience

So scary he’s about to cry “mama”

The gentleman and the butler

These guys make it look so easy

Asians make the best funny face

The coaster is rockin’ dude!!

Leo is always fun to be with

but I think the coaster gave him a permanent scream face

Monk coaster

even the monks are joining to the party

The serious look

these guys use the coaster to foster discipline in the ranks

The awesome look and the not so awesome look

I think it’s not so scary dad