Meet World's Best Parents - Good Parenting Makes Them Awesome

They have kids and they know how to do the parenting right. These are the properties of the best parents in the world.

Darth Vader costume

They become the best costume partner...

The Mario and Luigi dream team

Even when they are not playing, they provide perfect playing ways.

Mark Hoppus Being a Good Dad...

They don't hesitate to talk about their kids with others.

The Best Wheelchair Halloween Costume

They turn any lacking into the power.

Star Wars Stroller

They make the kids seem cool even when they are few months old.

Perfect Way to Get Things Done

They make kids do home chores but provide them with the reward.

Wanted Broken PS3

They do things to teach lesson in the best possible way.

Dad on the Prom

They make their beloved the coolest kid in the school by showing how special they are to them.

Getting Siblings Along

They make their kids to learn the lesson in the hard way.

Zelda and Peach...

They enjoy doing amazing things in the less dangerous way.

Grounded With Condition...

They let their kids to enjoy their lives but with some cool restrictions.

The Insulin Pump Tattoo

They can do anything to make their kids feel better in any way.

Perfect Costume - Harry Potter

They have thousands of ideas that make their kids outstanding.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Song

They find ways to fulfill every wish.

Danny Zuker Tweet

They make their kids to feel special like no one else.

The Wolf Daughter

They consider every wish of their kids as their command and try to fulfill whatever they can.