21 Funny Labels Were Made By Placed Stickers

I know you have seen like this before - stickers inappropriately placed on labels. They are funny and sometimes naughty, but they're all entertaining nonetheless! Here are some of the funniest labels I've ever seen! I know you'll agree with me when you've seen them all!

Oscar Mayer's Anus.

The book about the Little Ho on the Prairie.

Winnie the Pooh checking Tigger down there.

A recipe book on Cooking Your Dog.

We all sin together at Sesame Street.

Jimmy White on Poo Paradise.

Penis Cinnamon Donuts.

The book for the Butt Lovers.

Disney's The Very Hung Caterpillar.

Heat therapy to be gay.

The label is incestuous.

Large eggs from Bum Hole Farm.

Lil Crappy album.

You've got clap? Really?

Urine Ear Drops for ear wax buildup.

The Jew Wipes.

Four painful secrets of semen.

Stroke a man is just one of the things a kid should do.

The most annoying cat is...

Can't judge people for loving a hor.

Poor kid! It's awful to be called like that!